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May English(メイイングリッシュ)は、ビジネスを飛躍させる英語・異文化への対応力をあなたに



英検 ライティング90%を実現するには

2級~1級 1次試験に合格した生徒さんの、ほぼ100%がライティングで90%以上を取っています。






Agree or disagree: Improvements in information technology are always beneficial to society

Agree or disagree: Japan should have more lenient immigration policies

Are enough public funds invested in social welfare?

Are Japanese old temples worth preserving?

Are terrorist movements an effective way to bring about change in society?

Are the threats to society posed by the low birth rate being taken seriously enough?

Can individuals make a difference in the modern world?

Can professional sports be both profitable and ethical?

Can security cameras be justified in any public place?

Can social media have a negative impact on mental health?

Can the death penalty be morally justified?

Can the efforts of current politicians change our society for the better?

Do the advantages of the casino industry outweigh the disadvantages?

Do the values of today’s juveniles differ from those of past generations?

Does AI(Artificial Intelligence) have a responsibility to help unemployment in society?

Is modern business too dependent on Information Technology?

Is praise more beneficial to students’ academic performance than punishment?

Is the death penalty inevitable in human society?

Is the TV era coming to an end?

Is too much attention paid to the love affairs of celebrities?

Should all nations have the right to have nuclear weapons for self-defense?

Should jury duty play a vital role in the Japanese judicial system?

Should more be done to combat racial discrimination?

Should nuclear power plants be banned?

Should subordinates be asked to evaluate their supervisors?

Should the government regulate the use of artificial intelligence technology?

Should the tobacco industry be more tightly regulated?

Should vaccinations be mandatory for all individuals to ensure public health?

What role should virtual currencies play in our world?

Will a basic income system have a positive impact on our society?

Will countries with low birth rates face a crisis in the future?

Will typhoons present more of a danger to humanity than ever before?

Will world conflicts cease to exist in the 21st century?


その不安・焦りから解放されるために。人生が潤う~英検1級、準1級 | May English(メイイングリッシュ) ☑︎  “誰にも知られずに“英検”合格証を手にしたい。 ☑︎ 英語を教える立場だからこそ、英検を取りたい。 ☑︎